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Is a delicious, low calorie and highly soluble nutritional drink, with complete vitamins, proteins, and energy-releasing amino acids that replaces your meal to help you reduce weight safely, fast and effectively while avoiding the hunger pangs


Key Characteristics
Organic Formulation
Natural ingredients, good taste
Low Calorie
Each sachet of MRT Complex contains only 83 Kcal
Balanced Nutrition
Each sachet of MRT Complex contains nutrients needed by our body everyday. Hence it promotes normal metabolism to build a healthy body and regulates our physiological functions
Contains Edible Fiber 
Fiber is used to enhance the elimination of waste substances in our body, gives bulk satisfaction and reduces the hunger pangs. It can prevent constipation, painful piles, colon cancer, kidney stone as well as to lower cholesterol level



MRT Complex

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  • Active Ingredients

    • L-CARNITINE   Accelerates fat metabolism to turn body fat into energy. It stimulates fat breakdown and reduces triglycerides and fatty acids to prevent fat accumulation in the veins and arteries.
    • LECITHIN   Contains choline which helps in burning fat that is stored in the body’s tissues to support weight loss. Helps restore liver functions.
    • INOSITOL   Helps choline to ensure smooth fat metabolism.
    • ISOLATED SOYA PROTEIN  This is easily digested and absorbed by the body, and it helps to lose excessive fat but not muscle.
    • FRUCTOSE   A natural sweetener that is extracted from fruits and honey that is safe both for people with diabetes mellitus or hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar).
    • EDIBLE FIBER  Gives bulk satisfaction and reduces hunger pangs