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How to cut down on sugar intake.

This is one of my favorite topics to talk about. SUGAR.

We all know that the body needs Glucose for fuel. The United Arab Emirates is one of the most top consumers of sugar.

Studies have shown that here in the UAE, sugar consumption is about 53,591 teaspoons annually that is about 146 teaspoons per person daily.

The WHO has recommended for both adults and children that sugars intake should be reduced to less than 10% of total energy intake that is at least 6 teaspoon of sugar a day.

Sugar is an empty calorie that means it wont fill you up but it will instead leave you craving for more.

Studies have shown that consuming too much sugar can lead to Leptin resistance is a hormone that is released by your fat cells to let you know when you're full. So if your body becomes Leptin resistant there is much higher chances of over eating while still feeling hungry which that could be a bigger chance of you gaining weight.

The sad truth is that sugar is very addicting similarly like drugs and alcohol although in the human nature these effects are considered much less intense than the effects of drugs. However the over consumption of sugars can cause you to have some behavioural changes like craving, binging and withdrawal cycles that you get with drugs.

You might feel like its the end of you but i promise after a while you will feel lighter, healthier and much more energized. And of course you'll find it much more easier to stick to your weight loss goals.

Now as much as i love to give you more information on sugar ,for today i will be sharing a video i came across in Youtube. This channel is specialized in health and fitness topics.

It is a very short and detailed video.

Please feel free to share or send us your feedback on your thoughts about sugar. Thank you.